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Why Growing Numbers of Entrepreneurs Are Leaving the City

As the financial epicenter of the United States, when referring to New York City, most people simply refer to it as “the City.” When in doubt and you hear someone talking about spending a week in the City or going to a show in the City, you automatically assume it’s the Big Apple. Knowing that, why would entrepreneurs want to leave the city that never sleeps?

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Actually, there are a number of reasons why many freelancers prefer to live somewhere a bit more serene and a whole lot lovelier. What could be prettier than the countryside just outside the city? Eastern New York has some of the loveliest real estate in the country and that is probably a good reason right there!

You’ll Only Get Quiet Enjoyment Outside the City

In this day when many entrepreneurs are freelancing from home, quiet enjoyment is of vital importance. How can you hope to do business when there are horns honking, kids screaming, sirens wailing and sounds assaulting you from every direction? One community recently voted by Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel Magazine as one of the “coolest small towns in America” is Saugerties just a two-hour ride outside the City. In fact, Saugerties Real Estate has properties to suit all tastes but if you are an equestrian at heart, this is the community for you.

A Place to Meet with Out-of-Town Clients

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of leaving the city is in having a place to bring out-of-town clients who come to meet with you to discuss a project or to propose a new business venture. Living outside the city affords a place to meet without all the distractions, a lovely backdrop but yet close enough to New York City to take in a Broadway Show or visit the many interesting 5-star restaurants or dinner shows. Homes outside the city tend to be larger, many of which are situated on sprawling acreage ideal for horse stables. Whether you enjoy riding or are interested in owning a race horse or two, you can easily do this in communities well outside the city limits.

An Investment in Your Future

While there are times when the market is down, and properties don’t rise in value as usual, most often you can assume that real estate will continue to grow in value. This is especially the case in areas near NYC which offer the convenience of small town or rural living but in close proximity to the City. These properties will almost always rise in value and at some point, may even double or triple in worth within your lifetime.

If you are looking to be near this financial epicenter but not near enough to be troubled by the noise and crowded streets, you might want to consider running your home-based freelance business from communities outside the City. Growing numbers of entrepreneurs are realizing the advantages of doing business near the City but not in the City and once you get a taste of quiet enjoyment, you will wonder what you ever saw in the Big Apple.