Which Pool Is Made For You?

A pool is often a child’s dream. Diving, swimming, splashing around, playing or just enjoying the sun on an inflated crocodile, a drink in your hand are very relaxing thoughts. This childhood fantasy usually makes us overlook what we really want from a pool, depending on a space and needs.

Indoor or Outdoor swimming pool

Maybe you live in Texas where the temperature is hot from sun up to sun down the majority of the year. Maybe you work in the Houston Real Estate business, and you find easily the best properties that have a swimming pool. If not, like a lot of us, you have to research either a community with an indoor pool or build your own swimming pool outdoors and potentially cover it when it is too cold to enjoy it.

The perks of having an indoor pool are mostly recreational but also creating a fitness opportunity to stay in shape all year round no matter what the weather is like outside. Of course, we all have in mind the Thermal Bath from Budapest that are loaded with charm and history. However, if they rarely look like that they are still very enjoyable. Indoor pools offer also disadvantages: the warm water it is filled with for the comfort of older and young crowds hides many potential dangers. Checking the chemicals of your pool usually keep them free from many contagious diseases. However, studies have shown that untreated pool waters become very fast a nest for bacteria and viruses. As indoor pools are used throughout the year, the number of swimmers is higher and facilitates the transmission to large groups in particular during the stomach flu or regular flu season. Indoor pools need to be very well maintained or could potentially increase the risk of spreading contagious diseases.

The perks of having an outdoor pool are mostly noise related and the opportunity to tan by the water. It is a great means to create family time too as your children can learn to swim with their parents in the backyard. Bear in mind that nothing tires more children than swimming and splashing around all day and as a consequence, you will have no trouble putting them to bed at the hour that you choose. Building a swimming pool or already owning one is another reason to stay at home more often as your kids will not have to be entertained outside of your property. In the long run, you will save money.

Nevertheless owning a pool is not always synonymous with bliss and fun. Parents have to be over careful of their children around the water. In the United States only, every year, 350 children drown under the age of three in pools. Before you fill up a pool with water make sure your children know the basics of swimming or at least know how to float in order to avoid any fatal accident. Alarms exist in case children fall into the water. Children can learn to turn on their back and float from a very young age. Clearing the pool area of tools and toys is imperative to avoid attracting children closer than they should to the water. For more safety, do not hesitate to install a four sided fence; it is not as pretty but can literally save lives.