The Most Crucial Things You Should Know Before You Move to Spain

Yes, Spain is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. That’s why it receives tons of visitors every single year. It has beaches and long coastlines, it has a warm and sunny climate, and it has an abundance of historical attractions and friendly people. But all that being said and done, you should still be realistic if you are ever planning to move to Spain. There are some things which can be easy to adjust to, but there are some things you should know before you take the big leap. Here, then, are the most crucial things you should know before you move to Spain.

  1. It’s your birthday, but it’s your treat

Compared to other countries like the UK and the US, in Spain, when it’s your birthday, you’re the one who treats. Unlike other countries where your friends and colleagues and family will treat you to a birthday bash or, at the very least, buy you a drink, in Spain, it’s the opposite. If you want to celebrate your birthday, you have to be prepared to treat most everyone you know, especially if they take the time to greet you or visit you. Also, if you have a child and it’s their birthday, you’ll be expected to bring treats or sweets so your child can share it with their schoolmates.

  1. Do not be tempted to visit the beach in the heart of summer

Of course, everyone knows how beautiful Spanish beaches are, and everyone will go to the beach when they have the chance. But if you want some rest and relaxation by going to the beach and getting a few hours under the sun, it may not be such a good idea to do it in the heart of summer, especially during August.  If you have no problem waiting for a long time for food and drinks or if you don’t mind wading through a plethora of people at the beach, then by all means, go ahead. But if you would like to have some peace and quiet, it’s best to go to the beaches during the early part or latter part of summer. The weather is pleasant year-round, anyway, so you can still frolic in the sand without getting chilly.

  1. Take note of the clock

One significant thing you should remember is this: the Spanish have their version of time, as confirmed by the local property specialists in Moraira from real estate firms like What this means is, you should take note of the ‘Spanish clock’. In general, the Spanish la mañana will last until around 2 in the afternoon, la tarde will last until nightfall, and even the wee hours of the morning has its own name, which is la madrugada. In other words, time is relative. At best, this will help you learn to relax and take it easy and not be too rushed.

Here’s one more thing: if you are planning to move to Spain and finish some paperwork or essential tasks for your move in August, think again. Virtually nothing gets accomplished in the month of August, be it buying a house or property, refurbishing a kitchen, renewing a licence, making a claim, or even seeing a doctor. The entire country is at the beach, so you may as well just go there and take in some rays, too.

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