Smart Tips For Managing Multiple Listings On Airbnb!

Airbnb is one of the best platforms to make the most of your rental property investments. Hosting more than one property on Airbnb can be a little tricky. If you have too many listings in one account, depending on the rules and regulations in your location Airbnb business can be considered a commercial venture. In this post, we will provide you  with some  Airbnb tips to manage multiple listings.

Get the basics right

Regulations differ with the city, so make sure that you read the rules and norms in detail. If you are just managing listings on behalf of property owners, your approach would be more professional. There are two ways of managing multiple listings.

  1. You can either host all listings in one account
  2. Or, you can create a separate account for each listing

Managing multiple listings in one account

If you want to simplify things for your guests, especially frequenting guests, it’s wise to have one account for everything. This also gets away with the process of using many accounts, which can be frustrating, especially when you have more than five listings. On the flip side, this can lead to a few regulation issues, because Airbnb often removes accounts on such grounds. Airbnb reserves the right to cancel any listing at any point of time.


Managing multiple accounts separately

Just in case you are concerned about regulations, managing one account for each listing is a safe idea. The reviews from guests would be independent, and therefore, the reviews of one property will not affect the other. The only issue is the overall process, which can be pretty time consuming.  For such an approach, synchronizing your calendars is more than crucial. You can even create different listings for different rooms of the house, as well.

Vacation rental software as a solution

Well, a lot of professional hosts and property managers prefer using a professional vacation rental software for managing their listings. You can manage hundreds of listings, without actually worrying about the calendars. Of course, there’s a price for such software, but considering the minimal hassles, this is an absolute idea. There are quite a few of them on the market, but before you pick one, take some time to compare the features. Certain things are absolutely necessary. For example, the day-to-day business tasks should be automatically upgraded and integrated, and the software should offer a platform to manage all guest communication messages. You should have an easy-to-use calendar for quick checks, besides getting auto notifications for new messages, bookings, cancellations and other things.

There’s no doubt that using vacation rental software solutions is a good idea for Airbnb hosts, especially if you want to get away with the regulations and norms. Also, it allows you to save time, more when you are busy with other commitments. You can check online to find reviews of such software options, and to check the price, features, and overall assistance offered by the developer.