Seven Common Sense Tips for Finding the Perfect Home

Looking for a home, especially if it is your first time, can be tough. The sheer number of options in the real estate market can overwhelm you. But if you use a bit of common sense you can find a smart and easy way to discover just what is out there that can make a great home for you and your family. For most of us this doesn’t mean looking at luxury real estate, but finding a house that can be a welcoming home. Ready to start looking? Before you do, read through our list of the smartest and most common sense steps you need to take so you can discover the house you will truly be at home in now.

1 – Define what you want – It always helps if you know what you are looking for, and making a list of must haves is a good start. If cooking is important, then maybe a big kitchen goes on that list. If you have kids who love to play out of doors, then a yard is a must. Define what will make you happy.

2 – Know your financial limitations – While the sky is the limit when we are dreaming, reality is we can only afford a certain amount. Take a look at your financial situation and know what you can afford. This includes not only the down payment, but what kind of monthly mortgage you can swing and how much you can put aside for those unexpected costs a house can have. Plan your finances smart and stick to it.

3 – Small can be sweet – Do you really need that extra bedroom for guests and a whole finished basement? Remember that size isn’t everything, at least not when it comes to a house. A small house that has all you need will be easier to care for and sometimes for busy couples that is just as important.

4 – Research homes and neighborhoods – Before you fall in love with that house, make sure you know the neighborhood it is in and as much about the house as you can. With the internet, we can do research so much easier; it is a shame to skip this and then regret it later. Do your homework first, then you can look with confidence.

5 – Will a remodel help? – Sometimes you find a house that is perfect except for one thing. Maybe the home is older, you love the wood floors and old fashion feel, but the kitchen needs to be updated. If the remodel is something you can afford, then consider it part of the price.

6 – Location is everything – Yes, the old saying about location is true, and double so when it comes to real estate. Whether you are hunting for homes in Blaine, Washington or Dallas Texas – be sure the location is the one you want.

7 – Home Inspections are vital – No matter how good that home looks to you right now, don’t ever skip the home inspection before making your decision. True, you can make an offer and have it contingent on what the home inspection reveals. But never let a seller talk you out of doing one. In fact, if they try to talk you out of it you can bet there is a big problem, so walk away from it quickly!

There you have it – seven of the most common sense recommendations you will ever hear from anyone on finding the right home for you. The bottom line is always to take your time, be smart and use the common sense you were born with to find that home. Happy hunting!