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Selling Your Home To Investors – Check This Guide!

Finding the right buyer for your home can be daunting in many ways. Despite paying for services of real estate agents, it might be hard to get the right price. Back in the past, most sellers had to wait for months to complete a sale, but that’s not the case anymore. Thanks to real estate investors, homes and properties have become liquid assets for homeowners.

You might have come across ads that read ‘cash for houses Wichita’ or ‘We buy homes for Cash”. These ads are posted by investors, who buy homes directly from sellers. In this post, we will talk about some simple aspects that will help in dealing with such investors.

Agents vs. investors

Real estate agents sell your home for a commission, but they often take their own sweet time to get a deal. Most of the market factors are beyond their control, and hence, agents have to wait to find the right buyer. With investors, you can sell off your home almost immediately. Unlike agents, investors don’t charge commission or other charges. Instead, they buy the property for a fixed price and sell it later for a profit.


It is pretty obvious that investors would offer a price lower than the actual market value. However, for homeowners who need immediate cash, these services are more than important. If you are facing foreclosure or need to pay massive loans, contacting an investor is always a better idea. In fact, many agents may help sellers in finding investors for such situations.

Things to note

Before you decide to sell your home, it is important to understand the overall evaluation process. Investors don’t do in-depth checks like a regular buyer. You can contact one of these services online, following which they will send their executives for a quick review. Two major factors decide the price of a property – location and condition. If you home has water damage or requires extensive repairs, the offer would be lower. Nevertheless, real estate investors will buy homes in all circumstances, even if you have unruly tenants.

Seal the final deal

If you agree to the price offered, the investor will prepare a contract with all the necessary details. It is important that you read the entire document completely before signing. There are many fraudulent companies around, and it is wise to be careful about choosing an investor. Do a full check about their background, and as needed, you can even seek a few client references. If smaller repairs can help in getting a better price for your home, it is always wise to spend some money. Else, just sell off the property for the best offer – it’s your choice.

Real estate investors are immensely valuable for the current market, where owners are keen on closing deals faster. If you have never worked with an investor, you can check online to find a few options. Just make sure that you compare the offered price with the market value so that you aren’t cheated for the cash offer.