Relocation to Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the best countries to live in Europe. The quality of life is very high, with good jobs, and the Swiss are famous for their outdoor life. You may be relocating for work or personal reasons, but Switzerland needs some adjusting to. If you have never visited Switzerland, there are several things to consider before making your move.

Location Evaluation

Before the relocation, you have to do thorough research on where you will be moving to. Cantons in Switzerland are the equivalent of States in America. You have to find out exactly where you are relocating to, and the legal processes involved. The process of acquiring permanent abode is quite complex and the prices can be very expensive.

You must learn to navigate the rental requirements. Handling real estate agents is tricky. One must learn to transact in either of the three languages spoken in Switzerland, German, French, or Italian, or hire a translator. The easiest option here would be to hire a relocation expert to avoid selling yourself short and getting a raw deal that you might regret later.

Work and Residential Permits

You will need a work and residence visa to live in Switzerland. You must apply for permits from your country of residence. This is because approval must come from Swiss federal and cantonal levels. This long-term visa allows you to get a residence permit.

You have to apply for the permits in advance to allow for processing, which might take anywhere from three to six months. Once you enter Switzerland, you must register within 14 days with the Residents Registration Office. The cantonal migration offices will issue you with a work/residence permit and you are good to go.

Health Care

All foreigners working or residing in Switzerland must get Swiss health insurance. This is mandatory once you officially become a resident, but there could be exemptions. Before you take out insurance, you must contribute to the Swiss social security fund and register yourself with health insurance.

The Swiss canton or commune you move to has different regulations on insurance exemption. You need to start the process in advance because you need to prove that either:

  • You are adequately insured
  • You have enough reasons for an exemption.

You have three months to either get insurance or an exemption. After 3 months, the government has the authority to compel you to get insurance. Bottom line is, you have to get insurance, but you only get a grace period of three months.


There are 26 cantons and each is responsible for the education of its residents. All educational aspects depend on which canton you relocate to. These include the age of school going children, timetables, and curriculums. Compulsory Swiss education includes seven years of primary school and three years of lower secondary school.

Children must attend local public schools and if you move away, you have to take them to a school in that vicinity. You can also take your children to a private or international school if they don’t speak any of the languages spoken in Switzerland. You can find out the university admission requirements from your parent country.

Hire a Relocation Expert

Relocating to Switzerland calls for due diligence and navigation through complex government processes. To make this transition easier, you can hire the services of a relocation company. These companies handle all aspects of relocating to Switzerland including:

  • Evaluation of the best location
  • Accompanying you to the relevant authorities
  • Work and residence permit acquisition
  • Negotiation with real estate agencies
  • Advice on health insurance and school system

Relocating to Switzerland can be daunting, considering all the things you need to do. These processes are complex and navigating them can be a headache. Language barriers may also be a hindrance, so hiring a company will make the process easier. Hiring experts to help you integrate seamlessly into your new life. The experts will save you a lot of trouble and make your relocation more enjoyable.