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Pre-Purchase Building Inspection: Safety & Maintenance Assessment

Owning a house is the dream that most of us share in common. Fancy it may sound, but it is a great piece of tedious job. Figuring out the right locality, property, financial-aid, builder so on and so forth. Going through all the hassle and finally finding the ideal property which suits the requirements does take up a huge amount of time. Once we reach this step, most of us rather relax assuming the chosen property is perfect. However, there are a few unanswered questions as in the property chosen is worth the value? How good is the construction quality? What about the maintenance cost in case the property is a second- hand one? Is the property constructed with all safety measure? Does it complywith the building construction standards? One answer to all the above questions is performing a pre-purchase building inspection.

Why go for pre-purchase building inspection?

Like said, there are quite a few standard checks and assessments that need to be performed on any property before one purchases it. However, a nonprofessional cannot perform these. There are qualified inspectors to carry out the tasks and assure the safety and worth of the property under question. Listed below are a few advantages that coming with performing a pre-purchase building inspection.

Structural assurance guaranteed

The basic requirement of any construction is to be structurally sound. Structurally weak construction can cost lives, which is a kind of risk no one would want to take. There are codes enforced by jurisdiction for plumbing, electrical, mechanical or specialty codes such as swimming pool codes. Inspections need to be done to assure compliance with the said codes. If ignored these might cost a fortune or the damage caused might be unreplenishable.

Determining remodeling costs

Some of us buy properties in which we might not be the first occupants. These might require significant amount of reconstruction and repair. It is required to assess the costs that may incur beforehand. In addition, evaluation of existing structures, which have been subjected to physical damage due to earthquakes, floods, fire or any sort of natural calamities, is necessary.

Safety is a priority

Making sure the electrical wiring of the building is proper is a mandate. A faulty wiring would become very critical and would cost us our lives. In addition, installation of fire- alarms and checking their functioning if already in place would avoid fatal damage from any sort of dangers, which might occur in future.

Determining the unsafe areas if any in the house is also necessary. Asbestos presence, loose or missing balustrades, presence of pests, unstable or compromised foundation are some of the critical inspections that need to be carried out before deciding upon a property especially if the property is a fixer-upper house. All these would be guaranteed by a carrying out a pre-purchase building inspection.

Quality of sundry structures

Evaluating the sundry structures such as sunshades and patios is equally important as evaluating the house itself. In addition, there are building regulations on constructing these structures. In case the property does not comply with those regulations re-constructing costs, would be very devastating and time consuming. It is important to make sure one does not fall into these situations.

In a nut shell

Pre-purchase building inspection is carrying out a specific set of tasks in order to ensure the quality of the property and is carried out by trained personal. Even if getting a pre-purchase building inspection might add on an initial expense, it does help to avoid many later costs. In addition, it guarantees safety of the occupants; none of us would want to move into an unsafe building.