Making an Atlantic Investment

The Atlantic Ocean has always been the passage between Europe and the Americas. But did you realise it boasts fine islands that are ripe for a property investment? If you’re looking for somewhere to place your money with a guaranteed return, then look no further than Cape Verde. This is an island chain located about 350 miles west of the African mainland, and about an hour away from the Canary Islands. Tourism is increasing here, with three new international airports opened in the past twelve years, getting here has never been easier. Now the islands are developing for luxury end resorts, and it could be your turn to cash in on an investment.

Tourism is on the Rise

Due to input by the government, tourism on Cape Verde has been growing over the past twenty years. From 2001 to 2014, numbers of tourists visiting the islands annually grew from 115,000 to 540,000, and the good news is these figures are expecting to rise to 728,000 visitors per year by 2027. The government of Cape Verde is playing a pivotal role in encouraging development of both private and public enterprises around the country, and welcome new developments springing up around the country.

Make the Investment

Since tourism in Cape Verde is up by 115% year on year since 2000, now is the right time to make a property investment into the island nation. Now is the perfect opportunity to make an investment with guaranteed returns. The easy way to purchase Cape Verde investment property is to contact one of the leading resort developers, to see if you are able to muscle in on the action. You should choose an established developer with tried and tested experience in the hotel business, and that way you can expect an attractive return on your investment.

A Year-Round Return

Since the climate in Cape Verde provides temperatures that sit between 25-30oC for all twelve months, an investment property here will provide you with assured year-round returns. Look for any luxury resort being completed and see what they have to offer. Many will offer an attractive five-year plan for a return on your investment, and you can start seeing the rise in price before the doors are even open. Investing in a yet-to-be completed resort is your best bet for a high return as the vendors will offer a deal to prospective buyers. Don’t wait until it’s too late, when the hotel is already up and running.

Tourism in Cape Verde is increasing. It has always been a popular island retreat, but now with the government actively promoting tourism, even more tourists are expected to arrive. For example, the government has invested in three new international airports since 2005. Now, it is time for you to make the investment. Put your money into a new resort complex, and you can be guaranteed a return on your investment. An investment into a Cape Verde resort is a smart move.