Living In A Loft Apartment? Understanding the Pros and Cons!

Loft apartments are usually located in the attic, just under the roof and have no walls, except for the bathroom. Lofts are generally a result of conversion of a previous warehouse, industrial complex or factory. Wondering what is a loft apartment and the pros and cons of living in one? Read on to find some of the relevant aspects below.

Pros of loft living

Since lofts are revamped commercial buildings, the ceilings tend to be high. As such, if you love spacious homes and condos, a loft is an ideal and cheaper replacement. You will not feel the lack of space, and it also adds to a lot of décor opportunities. Loft spaces also have a plenty of natural light, mainly because of the big windows. In the day time, you don’t need additional lights, unlike a basement, which means you can save a lot on energy lights, as well. For those who like to design their own homes, lofts are great, because one has the scope to do a lot more, as there are no unwanted walls in between.  The overall industrial-type details also add more relevance to the setup, so you can arrange things as and when you feel like.

On the flip side

Lofts might be big, but you won’t have a lot of hidden storage space, which is one of the few side effects of living in one. Also, not all lofts are cheap, so if you are renting or buying one, you need to do a lot of research.

Design ideas

Lofts are ideal for homeowners who like to have a different kind of setting at home. One of the better ideas is to install a staircase, so that you can use the available space in two stories. Also, for an exclusive design, you need to use a lot of fabrics and textures, so as to soften the edges of industrial construction. Play with colors to the next you can, because you don’t want the space to look like a factory. Rugs, carpets, textiles and curtains can make a huge difference, even if you don’t want to spend heavily on new furniture. Furniture designs should be as light as possible, so that the overall setup can be reviewed and changed from time to time to add a new look to the entire space. You can see great examples here too.

Other quick tips

Lofts look best when you allow the natural light to come in. Do not hinder the windows and make sure that the light can see through the light curtains and blinds. If you have the budget, get a designer for the project, who can suggest a few ideas on the entire setup without spending a lot. Use the available walls, so that you can create the space for storing your belongings. Also, consider adding a lot of double-purpose furniture, which can add to the aesthetics besides adding functionalities.

You can also check online to find the best designs and styles in lofts.