Important Heating Oil Safety Tips For The Home

Liquefied gas tank

Everyone wants their home to be as safe as possible. If you are heating your house using oil, then it will need to be stored in a specialist tank. This will prevent any accidents from occurring. There are several ways that you can make sure that the heating oil in your house is kept in a completely safe environment.

Check The Oil Tank On A Regular Basis

The oil tank needs to be checked on a regular basis. There are several things to look out for regarding the tank. Firstly, any signs of rust mean that the tank needs to be repaired. This rust can cause oil to leak out, which could potentially start a fire.

Leaks are another major problem which needs to be dealt with by a professional as soon as possible. You should not attempt to clean up the spillage by yourself. Instead, you should try and prevent the oil from seeping into the house’s water supply by placing covers over the drainage system. This will prevent the water supply from becoming contaminated.

Once the tank has been fixed, there will be nothing to worry about. Keep an eye on the tank to make sure that there are no further leaks. Choose quality oil fuel distributors in Cheltenham.

Appliance Safety Controls

The oil burner tank is designed with your safety in mind. If a problem with the tank develops, then there are controls in place which will shut the tank off immediately to prevent a fire or an explosion. The appliance safety controls need to be tested on a regular basis to make sure that they are working properly. If they are defective, then the gas tank will not be turned off in the event of a problem.

There is also a manual switch that can be used as a backup. This can be used in case the automatic switch has failed to do its job. The manual switch should be tested when the tank is being inspected by a qualified professional.

Fumes From The Tank

Sometimes fumes can escape from the tank if it has become damaged or if it is rusting. If this is the case, you should not stay in the vicinity of the tank. Instead get everyone to a safe place and call the fire brigade. They will be able to deal with the problem effectively.

Use Of Naked Flames

You should never attempt to light naked flames near the oil tank. Matches and lighters can potential cause the oil tank to explode. Any lighting of naked flames should be done well away from the gas tank.

Don’t Interfere With The Tank

You should not try to interfere with the tank in any way. This includes trying to make any repairs yourself or trying to move the tank to see how full it actually is.

Take care around the oil tank at all times, so that you remain completely safe.