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Get the Best Commercial Real Estate Options

Commercial real estate can be difficult to lease or purchase. The process isn’t difficult; the initial research and finding the right location is the hardest part. Business owners who are leasing property tend to be able to find the best move-in-ready locations a lot easier than those looking to purchase. Knowing your options in advance can help you prepare to acquire the property and give you a more accurate time frame for completion.

Downtown London Commercial Real Estate

Because real estate in London is always in demand, it can be hard to find the right commercial property for sale downtown. Instead of buying, startups and experienced business owners alike are examining their leasing options closely. Leasing allows businesses to gain access to some of London’s most conveniently-placed commercial real estate, making it a practical choice for most businesses.

When choosing a real estate space, it is important to remember that there are plenty of options available. Downtown London is huge and filled with heavy traffic areas. Your first choice in commercial real estate never has to be your only choice.

Flexible Floor Plans

Working with a property manager allows you to quickly find property that meets the size requirements of your business. Full floor plans can provide businesses with a minimum of 4,000 square feet of floor space. Leasing offices routinely help businesses obtain spaces as large as 12,500 square feet. These spaces can be divided as needed. If you plan on knocking out walls or doing a major remodel to a leased property, be sure to discuss it with the property manager well in advance.

Customized Office Options

Not all businesses have the same needs when it comes to commercial real estate. Like most modern businesses, you will want to follow the latest office trends; however, you will want to inject some personality into them. For example, letting the outdoors in is one of the biggest office trends of the year, but it takes more than painting the walls green to get a functional, attractive design.

When choosing a new lease, make sure you can customize the interior of your office as you see fit. While some leases will require you to keep the basic structure in place, most will allow you to paint or customize as needed. This flexibility is exactly what you need to reinforce your brand image.

Commercial Real Estate Property Managers

The biggest key to finding the perfect commercial real estate in London, ON is having the right property manager. Working with a leasing office that acts as their own property manager can help streamline a lot of processes. For example, maintenance issues tend to get fixed a lot faster with an onsite manager in charge.

Working with a property management company also helps you easily find commercial real estate that fits your needs. Instead of scouring listings, business owners can contact the company and discuss their needs first-hand. This allows them to get the space they need and maintain it with far less effort.