Bare minimum amenities to look for when buying a house

Do you want to buy a new home? Are you currently searching for one and have multiple locations in mind, like flats in Bangalore or apartments in Hyderabad? If yes, ensure that the below amenities are in place in or around it before making a final decision.

Finishing and Materials

Depending on your available budget, you may opt for various finishes and design materials for your home. For instance, if you go with a less expensive option, you may choose a home with low quality carpets, vinyl flooring and plastic laminate counters in both, bathroom and kitchen. On the other side, high end homes often use resilient flooring in the form of either wood or tile and solid surfaces in the kitchen, like a slate or granite.

Ceiling of a Home

Ceiling of a home highlights water spots, which may take place from cracks, possible leakages and from any structural damage. In this case, you should give attention to cracks/damages that appear on the wall surfaces, drywalls, joints of the wall and the ceiling to identify any warning signs.

Outdoor Areas of the Home

You should never forget to have a look or closly inspect the conditions of outdoor area attached with your home. These may include inspection of the downspouts, gutters and roofs and similarly others. Particularly, in case of older homes, you should make sure to communicate with the previous homeowner or your realtor about the maintainance and/or replacements, which they conducted during the past.

Check the Neighbourhood

Indeed, your house is important for you. However, at the same time, you should also give due importance to the location, safety and proximity of your home to school, hospitals, railhead, airport, etc. For instance, you should look for reputed schools nearby, time required to travel to your office, grocery, medical stores and the way in which your neighbourhood is laid out. In simple words, you should be comfortable with your neighbourhood, similar to the feeling of staying in our own house.

Upgrades Vs Standard Amenities

Next, you have to know the necessary upgrades versus various standard amenities at the time of buying a new home from a builder. A majority of model homes have a few upgrades to show the properties in their highest possible state of quality.

Look at the Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances constitute an expensive part of any home, as their present condition and age have a direct influence on a home buyer’s decision whether to buy new ones or may work with a simple and an easy servicing.

Look at the Bathroom Amenities

Similar to your kitchen, you have to look at the tub or shower and other plumbing fixtures or amenities in your bathroom to see their present conditions. If you look for an old home, you obviously have to do a renovation or a remodel of such fixtures in the coming years.

Major Systems

Lastly, you should give your time to look at the major systems installed in your to-be new home. These include air conditioners or heating units, electric supply unit, geysers and various other systems installed in the home, as you may have to bear a big cost if the systems mentioned here are in a dilapidated state for a long time.