7 Features of a good quantity surveyor

Property assets are prone to depreciation after construction is completed and the usage of the building commences. Deductions are given to the property owners that have submitted their reports requesting for a depreciation schedule for the taxes via a qualified surveyor. This shows the importance of having a experience surveyor working closely with you. Listed below are the features of a dependable surveyor:


Seeking a quantity surveyor with experience is a good idea. Experience gives the professional enough time to exercise his/her skills in this expertise. In the process, he/she sharpens his skills and becomes more proficient to deliver quality services. You will discover that surveyors with more experience are always the best. This is due to repetition of the same procedures for a longer time.


The level of professionalism of these experts determines how they will handle this work on your behalf. Effectual experts will consider the time taken to accomplish this task successfully and plan the project accordingly. They will also consider your interests and come up with decisive ways of achieving them. Professionalism affects the quality of customer care services the surveyors can offer. Pick expert with a high degree of professionalism and high customer service skillsets.

Commitment to clients

Measuring the level of commitment of the surveyors in delivering satisfactory Investment Property Depreciation services is an impeccable idea. You would want a specialist that is focused on making sure that your report is accepted by the ATO and you obtain highest deductions too. You can only know the dedication of the professional after talking to some of his/her past clients.


The reports, which are to be submitted to the ATO for verification, ought to be filled by a qualified professional. Before the experts are permitted to render their services legally, they must obtain a license from the authorities. Without possessing a license, they are not allowed to give such reports. Hence, make certain that your preferred professional has a valid license to practice survey.

Past contracts

Another question to be contemplated on is whether the quantity surveyor has ever rendered these services before. Try to find the outcome of his/her efforts. There is a higher probability that you will obtain the same value of services that his/her past clientele received from him/her. Thus, it is essential to select a professional that is known to impress his/her clientele with fascinating services.

Quality services

Since you will be required to pay for these services, it becomes essential to make certain that the professional is capable of delivering quality services. Accessing poor services is like a huge loss. Always insist on getting the same value for the money you have paid. However, it is required of the surveyors to develop a culture of escalating their performance when dealing with customers.


A dependable expert will be interested in meeting the desires of his/her clientele. In this case, the clientele would want exceptional services for investment property depreciation. This would definitely cause them to enjoy deduction of taxes on their properties. Keep off those experts that have selfish interests like making more money without considering the quality they give.