3 Tips On How To Maintain A Good Bathroom Hygiene

The bathroom might is one of the dirtiest parts of our home. Amidst all the things in association to bathrooms, we can assume that a bathroom is close to dirty and full of bacteria, especially when you rarely ever clean it.

However, we have compiled some of the tips and all about bathroom hygiene that you should follow to ensure further that your toilet and everything in your bathroom is clean and sanitary that a baby can sleep in it.


People are not used to sweeping bathroom floors, given that it is a bathroom and it is always wet and a majority of the world’s population would instead not since the feeling of sweeping wet floors is uncomfortable. However, there is a trick to it so that molds don’t form and discolor your beautiful floor tiles.

Start by simply wiping away the water and giving it time to dry out. Next get the strongest sweeping broom you can find and start sweeping. Yes, the process might be too much, but it is a step you should take to ensure and maintain the beauty, as well as achieve the cleanliness of your bathroom from germs and molds.

Disinfect All High-Touch Areas

One of the most common ways that germs multiply is through passing from one host to another. One of the most notorious germs to ever graze the high touch areas are fecal bacteria which you can not avoid when you have toilet paper as a means of cleaning after yourself.

All you have to do is get the most potent if not a brand of disinfectant of your choosing and spray on these high touch areas. Look for the places that are in contact the most like the flush lever and the sides and faucet of the sink.

You can also reduce the bacteria by purchasing a bidet toilet seat from This not only takes care of the bacteria and keeps it from spreading but some brands also keep the toilet seat clean and sanitary.

Clean Your Toilet Brushes

Toilet brushes are one of the grossest things you can find in a bathroom regardless of how clean or sanitary it is. Oftentimes, it is best that you boil water and clean the brush by letting it sit for a couple of seconds. But with that leaves the container you let the toilet brush sit in contaminated as well.

One thing to do about this dirty but essential tool is to get a bidet toilet seat. Honestly, we cannot refer this to you enough. Not only does it clean your toilet, but keeps bacteria from spreading it also gives you a chance to throw away the dirty toilet brush and save you from every mother or parent’s nightmare of stumbling upon their kids putting their mouth on it.

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While there is not an easy way to keep a bathroom clean, there are tools and technologies that help you manage it. True that everybody has to go and everybody sheds bacteria when they take a bath, you really can’t help it.

A bidet toilet seat will be your best friend in managing cases like bacteria and even avert illnesses caused by accidentally ingesting fecal bacteria.