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Choosing an Estate Agent in Bristol

According to new guide by The Sunday Times, Bristol has been judged the best place to live in the UK. So perhaps now is an ideal time to be thinking of moving to Bristol, hence this guide about choosing an estate agent in Bristol.

The Sunday Times assessed various factors such as culture, property prices, education and and crime rates and called Bristol “a small city that feels like a big city” and “ a worthy winner thanks to its ideal combination of extraordinary culture, impressive schools, buzzing culinary scene, exciting redevelopment and community spirit”.

Clearly, Bristol is booming – and not the comment about competitive housing prices. It’s reasonable to presume there will be an more of a demand for property in Bristol than ever, which is why now is the right time to be choosing an estate agent in Bristol.

So how does one go about choosing an estate agent in Bristol, and what tips are worth following?

Here’s our top five tips to get you started choosing an estate agent in Bristol:-

Go window shopping

What better way to go about choosing an estate agent in Bristol, other than paying them a visit?

Look at their windows :-

  • Is there much property available?
  • How many are showing sold?
  • What’s the standard of the listings like?
  • Are there any references to awards?

Drive around the areas

Have a shortlist of areas you are interested in, and then drive around those areas. Look especially for sign posts in gardens and windows to see who the most popular estate agents are.

It may be that when you’re choosing an estate agent in Bristol, certain agencies may focus on certain areas. An estate agent may be particular strong in a geographical area for historic reasons – e.g. local branches, family referrals or just market experience or expertise.

Market research

Don’t just limit your market research to house prices, schools and local amenities. Check the reputation of the estate agents in Bristol by checking property websites, house buying forums, local newspapers etc.

it’s often better when choosing an estate in Bristol to rely on reputation, as this prove long term expertise and high level of customer service.

Ask around

Although this may be a little direct for some, don’t be scared to ask for recommendations and feedback from existing customers. Perhaps look for a property listed by a particular estate agent, and then maybe speak to the current sellers and ask what’s good – and bad – about the estate agent.

Meet one to one

Finally, when you’ve done all your research then it’s time to actually meet face to face. When choosing an estate agent in Bristol, it may simply come down to personality and ‘feeling right’ when you meet a particular agent.

Look for rapport, keenness, objectivity and willingness to help answer any of your queries as positive factors. An estate agent who spends time listening to your needs should be highly valued, as chances are he will try to sell you only what you need rather than what he wants you to buy.